20 foreign fishermen rescued from Al-Shabaab in Somalia


Galmudug regional police arrested 20 foreigners near Hobyo town after making a surprise escape from Al-Shabaab militants, who were their hostages for a while.

The foreign fishermen from Pakistan and Iran were caught on the outskirts of Hobyo, an ancient coastal city in central Somalia on Saturday night after the security forces got a tip-off from locals.

Galmudug security officials said that foreigners were rescued in an area located between Hobyo and Haradhere, the main Al-Shabaab stronghold in Mudug province.

They were fishermen with two boats. They have been captured by Al-Shabaab off the coast of Harardere a few years ago and now they are free,” said an official within Galmudug police.

The fishermen are in custody and being asked questions about how they fell into the hands of Al-Shabaab and how they escaped from the terrorist group, added the officer who spoke to KON on condition of anonymity via phone.

Abdullahi Ahmed, the commissioner of Hobyo district said the rescue operation took place in the vicinity of El-Hur, which lies about 60 kilometers away from the coastal city.

Ahmed added that Galmudug authorities are working to transfer the fishermen to their countries of origin – Iran, and Pakistan which have embassies in Mogadishu. They will be sent to Nairobi.



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