Qatar Charity Distributes Food Somali Cyclone Victims

(STN-MUQDISHO):_Qatar Charity (QC) said it distributed food baskets to 500 families affected by Cyclone Sagar, which hit the coasts of northern Somalia last month.

The food aid was provided immediately after the disaster occurred, QC said, adding that it was also preparing to distribute more food baskets soon.

Abdel Nour Mirsal, director of the QC office in Somalia, said that Qatar Charity was the first organisation to respond to the relief appeal made by the local authorities in Somaliland.

Food baskets were distributed in the village of Bakki and surrounding villages in northern Somalia on May 26, targeting families who lost their homes, livestock and property due to Cyclone Sagar, Mirsal said in a statement.

He noted that the food baskets included basic food items such as rice, wheat, sugar, dates and dried milk to be used by affected families in the month of Ramadan, which coincided with the cyclone.

Mirsal pointed out that QC intends to distribute 1,150 additional food baskets to the victims of Cyclone Sagar in the coming week.

The basket will be sufficient for a family for a month.

Within three months, three artesian wells as well as a number of surface wells would also be drilled, Mirsal added.

Further, Mirsal said the Ramadan food aid distributed by the QC office during the second half of Ramadan included those previously affected by floods and drought.

He added that the office would distribute food baskets to 2,000 families affected by flooding in Hirshabelle State and to people who were displaced due to drought in Baidoa, in addition to the families of orphans and poor families.

A total of 3,650 food baskets are expected to be distributed during the month.

The United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) had said that 669,000 people had been affected by the cyclone in Somaliland, with the numbers likely to rise as information arrives from areas that are now inaccessible.

“Eighty per cent of livestock in the affected areas were killed. Reports indicate that some 700 farms have been destroyed in Somaliland,” the OCHA added.


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