ONLF Seems Unhappy With The New Leadership In Jigjiga

 (STN-MUQDISHO):_ The Ogaden National Liberation Front [ONLF] has expressed unhappiness to the ongoing transformation in the Ethiopian Somali regional state amid efforts to end the violence.

ONLF spokesman, Abdulkadir Hassan Hirmoge said his rebel group remains its position on the current change in leadership and the reported agreement among the region’s leaders.

Hirmoge, speaking to the media said the new president of the regional administration was part of the former system led by Abdi Illey, underlining that nothing has changed at all.

The new leader, Ahmed Abdi Mohamed has served as the Finance Minister of the Somali State in Ethiopia who was elected by the ruling party after the resignation of Abdi Illey.

The change happened after deadly riots ripped through the region’s capital, Jigjiga this week, which followed the deployment of Ethiopian military personnel into the town.

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