Senate intervenes in ensuing political row, urges restrain

(STN-MUQDISHO):_ The Senate has stepped in to quell rising tensions between the Federal Government and the Federal Member States following declaration by state leaders to cut relations with Mogadishu.

The Senate said Wednesday it was dispatching senators to the regional states to find avenues for resolution of the row with the federal government amid rhetoric from the states pushing for a tougher stance with the federal government.

“The Committee, recalling the decisions taken in its 16th meeting of September 10, 2018, mandated to send delegations to all the regional states to assess the security and political situation of the country to resolve the dispute arising from the current crisis between the federal government and the states,” a statement from the Senate Business Committee read in part.

The Senate also urged regional parliaments to find amicable solutions to disputes in the regions instead of resorting to impeachment motions. Galmudug parliament was today expected to vote in an impeachment motion to oust speaker Ali Asir who has been at loggerheads with a faction headed by state president Ahmed Haaf.

The Senate House Business Committee chaired by the Speaker Abdi Hashi also urged the state legislators to give the committees a chance to find solutions to the disputes.

Reports from Galmudug indicate the vote did not go ahead but the state assembly debated the conduct of the speaker.

The Committee also called on the two levels of government to cease rhetoric which could inflame tensions.

The Senate’s intervention comes amid uncertainty on whether the regional state leaders will attend the National Security Council convened by President Mohamed Farmaajo for September 17 and 18th



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