Farah Maalim makes ‘shocking’ claims about corruption among Somalis

After his periodic leave from social media, former National Assembly speaker Farah Maalim has surfaced with a controversial statement claiming that members of his Somali community are a corrupt lot.

Maalim in his Sunday tweet alleged that Somali people will demand payment for almost anything including ‘being kind to their parents and children. Incidentally, Maalim feels that the morals of Somali men and women have been eroded over time and they now cherish corruption like no other thing.

“Somalis are the only people on this earth who if advised to be kind to their parents&children will ask how much is the UN paying you to say that. Sayyid Mohd said corruption among Somalis is a cherished value. Sadly we want to laugh but can only cry. ALLAH save us from ourselves” posted Maalim.

In another tweet, the Garissa politician went ahead to reveal a number of disasters that have befallen the community were their own creations and they should just blame themselves for their misfortunes.

“Every major calamity that has befallen Somalis worldwide had more of our inputs than our enemies. Somalis killed more Somalis in the last thirty years than all our enemies have killed in the last 4 hundred years and we continue to do in the name of faith&clan. Look in the Mirror,” he added.

These statements alone might evoke mixed reactions from members of his community thus placing him at an awkward position especially on matters politics given his current as a public figure.

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