Kenyan police targeting Somalis in Nairobi after DusitD2 attack

The Kenyan government targeting ethnic Somalis in an anti-terrorist operation that has resulted in 50 arrests.

Most of the detained are being held in a stadium in Kenya’s capital Nairobi that some have dubbed a “concentration camp” where they have had no access to help, according to lawyers, aid organisations and rights groups.

“we are targeting  Somalis,” cabinet secretary for the interior Joseph ole Lenku said on television on, adding that more than 50 Somalis  have been arrested.

“The mop up of criminals is going on across the entire county and will spread across the entire country to remove either illegal aliens or criminals in our country,” he said.

Kenyan police started arresting people without identity documents in the capital’s Somali-dominated suburb of Eastleigh following DusitD2 attack which killed 20 people.

Somalis have faced an increasingly hostile environment in Kenya following a string of attacks by the militant group al Shabaab.

By: Abdiaziz Hassan Ibrahim 


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