President Farmajo seeks pardon from regional state heads, puntland vows to crush Al-shabab

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo he is ready to turn a new page in his relationship with the regional states, which in the recent past had hit rock bottom.

The President who spoke at the inauguration ceremony for the new Puntaland president Said Abdullahi Deni said “I forgive you forgive me” and he promises to fully cooperate with the regional state governments, as a Somali elder”.

Late last year the presidents of the regional states threatened to stop cooperating with the Federal Government of Somalia, citing claims that they had been lightened in the decision making.

They also raised the thorny issue of revenue sharing, concerns which are expected to be on the rise as Somalia anticipates starting oil drilling.

With elections due next year, critics are likely to point out that the climb down by President Farmajo is, just but a campaign strategy to regain ground lost among some of the influential figures in the regional government.

President Famrajo also lauded those who lost out to President Deni in the Puntland election for allowing a peaceful transition by accepting the final vote verdict.

He advised President Deni that the task ahead would be for him to fulfill his campaign pledges ; provision of education, health, security, justice, development and economic improvement.

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President of of Puntland Said Abdullahi Deni on the other hand declared that his government will eliminate terrorism in the region during his inaugural speech on Saturday.

He spoke during the inauguration ceremony that saw a mammoth crowd which drew the current and former Somali presidents, Somalia’s federal state leaders, prominent politicians and foreign dignitaries who attended a well-organized ceremony held at Garowe the capital of Puntland state.

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