China opens long term media training program for 50 journalists from Africa in Beijing

China opens long term media training program for 50 journalists from Africa People’s Republic of China on Wednesday held joint opening ceremony of ten months media for 50 journalists from 49 countries from Africa and Asia Pacific at the Diplomatic Residence Compound in the center of Beijing, SONNA reported.

China Africa Press Center and Asia Pacific Press Center will be providing the training courses to these journalists during their stay in China and the program is hosted by China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA).

CPDA Vice President, Hu Zhengyue delivered speech at the joint opening ceremony and welcomed the journalists from the two continents, urging them to be a bridge for promoting relations between China and their countries.

“China and African countries are both developing countries.  We have always been brothers and partners who help each other through thick and thin.  We are a natural community of shared destiny, and an important power to promote the world to develop toward more fairness and justice”, He said.

“The media is a bridge through which people from all countries understand and communicate with each other.  You shoulder an important responsibility of introducing facts and facilitate understanding and friendly exchange between people of your own country and other countries”,said Zhengyue

He added that the participants could use their pen and camera to record what they hear and see in China, deliver objective messages, promote peace and friendship, facilitate win-win cooperation and introduce China in a comprehensive, real and three dimensional ways.


Mubarak Mugabo, from Uganda spoke on behalf of the African media delagation attending the program lauded CPDA for extending this program to Africa, telling Chinese positive role in Africa as whole.

“These projects and investments have had significant impact on Africa and are contributing to Africa’s economic development. From them Africans are seeing growth in employment, improvement of skills of the people and boosting of economic activities”,  Mr. Mugabo said.

“It is unfortunate that harmful propaganda is mostly spread through our media organizations in Africa.  Now we have an obligation to inform our people back home the truth about China and nothing but the truth”, He added.

Representatives from foreign ambassadors also attended the opening ceremony today.

Somali’s SONNA English Service Editor, Mohamed Osman is among 34 journalists benefiting from this useful training media program which is held annually since 2014.




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