Somali Prime Minister travels to Switzerland, After Mogadishu bombings

Prime Minister of the Federal republic of Somalia H.E. Hassan Ali Kheire together with a delegation on Sunday traveled to Switzerland to attend world summit of unemployment of youth and Women.

Mr Kheire is expected to deliver speech the summit of human rights in Geneva.

Kheire’s Travel coming after Somali security forces Friday ended the al-Shabab siege of a residential building in Mogadishu after battling the militants for almost 24 hours. An unknown number of al-Shabab militants returned were they come after the attack.

There is a broad-based consensus that security in Somalia has been deteriorating at an alarming rate. In the past few weeks, hundreds of people have been killed by truck bombs at two prominent locations in Mogadishu. The lethal potency of the explosives and the scale of death and devastation resulting from the Oct 14th one was far beyond what Mogadishu has witnessed in over quarter of a century of violence.



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