Somali Security forces arrest three Al-Shabaab militants

Somali Security forces on Sunday arrested three Al-Shabaab militants trying to escape after failing to perpetrate killing to a businesswoman in Wadajir district in Mogadishu.

Deputy Governor of Benadir region for Security Affairs, Mohamed Abdulahi Tulah spoke to reporters at Wadajir Police Station where these men were displayed and admitted their involvement in the group and attempt to kill the lady, thanking the security forces’ efforts to arrest these men.

“The three Al-Shabaab militants admitted their crime, and we will bring them to book, I thank the security forces who managed to arrest these men. They wanted to kill a businesswoman, but their pistol went wrong and couldn’t fire”, Mr. Tulah said.

The three militants namely : Shu’ab Abdulahi Haji, Ismail Mohamed Aweys and Mohamed Osman Moalim confessed their crime and demanded forgiveness before the camera.

The security of the town was highly beefed up after the latest deadly terrorist attack in Mogadishu that left over 20 people dead and more others injured.     



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