Al-Shabaab suspects flee as police raid hideout in Kwale

Anti-Terror Police Unit officers Friday morning raided a house in Ng’ombeni, Kwale County where 10 suspected Al-Shabaab members were hiding.

The youths who were hiding in an isolated two roomed house in Mvakani village escaped.

Kwale Police Commander Tom Odero said the suspects escaped during the 4am raid in which police recovered materials related to radicalisation.

Among the recovered items were an assortment radicalisation materials which included Islamic books, several items for assembling IEDs and a tear gas canister.

Others were electrical wires, machetes as well as soldering wires and military jungle jackets and boots.


Mr Odero said a contingent of security officers were in hot pursuit of the suspects who escaped.

“They will run but they cannot hide forever. We will smoke them out of their hideout,” he said.

He assured locals that security agencies are in control of the situation.

He urged them to give any information that will help in the arrest of the suspects.


“We appeal to the public for any information regarding suspicious people who have been living in an isolated house for some months now,” he said.

The Somalia-based Al-Shabaab militant group has in the past launched a number of deadly attacks in Kenya.

The security forces have been trying to break up terror networks which it blames for a series of attacks in the Coast, saying many recruits were inspired by Al-Shabaab.


The county police boss ordered for the demolition of the house as the war on terror intensifies.

“We are working with the locals to pursue the matter and apprehend the owner of the house,” he said.

One of the locals, who is a madrasa teacher, told the police officers that the house where the suspects were living was built in June 2018.

He added that three people were living in the house and moved in in November last year.

“One of them used to come for prayers at the mosque and he had long hair and usually donned military attire,” he said, adding that the suspect used to fetch water at a nearby borehole.

Other sources said the other occupants of the house were unfriendly and never interacted with anybody.

Source: Daily Nation     



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