Somali army kills top Al-shabaab ranks in Lower Shabelle region

Somali army on Saturday killed several Al-Shabaab militants including top commander. The attack happened at Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia, where Al-Shabaab considers its stronghold, local governor said.

Al-Shabab commander Ibraahim Gargudud was among several militants killed on Saturday during Somali army operation against Al-shabab, Abdifatah Hajji Abdullahi, deputy governor of Lower Shabelle, told local media.

Ibraahim Garguduud led Al-Shabaab unit, which usually carry out coordinated attacks on Somali army and regional officials at lower Shabelle region.

However, Al-shabaab has not communicated concerning the attack that is said to have claimed the life of one of its top commander.

Somali forces and US troops have recurrently carried out attacks that assassinated Al-shabaab fighters since the beginning of this years.      




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