Kenya says Al-shabab executed three Kenyans in Somalia

A middle-aged woman is among three Kenyans who were executed by Al Shabaab in Barawe, Somalia on Wednesday for allegedly spying for Amisom and the US military.

According to an intelligence report by Kenyan security forces, Al Shabaab executed five people.

The five, who included one Kenyan woman believed to be from the Coast and two men from Wajir were executed by a firing squad in public after they were reportedly found guilty by the local militant leader of spying in a what was described as a hurriedly constituted hearing held in front of residents.

The other two were the youth of Somali origin. The executions follow recent precision attacks that were carried out by US drones in Bu’aale, Middle Juba in which more than 40 Al Shabaab commanders were killed.

Among those believed to have been killed was Kenyan-born Al Shabaab commander and propagandist Ahmed Iman of the ‘Jesh Ayman.’”Al Shabaab militants believe the attack on their high command must have had an insider’s work as it hit the building where their leaders were meeting and planning future targets,” the intelligence report reads in part.

Meanwhile, security agents at the Coast are on high alert after five wanted terrorists fled following a raid on their hideout where weapons were seized on Thursday last week.

The suspects who escaped a police dragnet in Ngombeni, Matuga, Kwale County have been identified as Salim Rashid Mohammed, Rashid Mwatsu aka Mody, Juma Waziri, Mkauma Ali Mbuiya and Juma Mwengo. According to an intelligence report, the suspects are also members of a criminal gang that has been raiding Mpesa shops in South Coast to finance terrorism.

Police said Waziri was arrested on October 4, 2013, in Garissa town while attempting to cross over to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab. and was out on bond.



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