Somali Democracy Party leaders elected, Abiy Ahmed attends last day of 10th Congress

In its third day, the Tenth congress of what used to be Ethiopian Somali People’s Democratic Party (ESPDP), now Somali Democracy Party (SDP) elected leaders and executives of the party.

Accordingly, Ahmed Shide, who is minister of Finance for the Federal gov.t, is elected as chairman of the party while the acting president of the regional state, Mustefa Mohammed Omar, is elected as vice chairman, Ethiopian state broadcaster – EBC reported on Wednesday.

As well, the congress has elected central committee members of the party. There were 67 candidates up for election and 61 of them have become central committee members.

In the past the party had only 40 central committee members and the number is scaled up this time to increase participation in the affairs of the party, according to state affiliated media outlets.

However, members of executive committee, the highest body within the party, is unchanged. And 9 executive members are elected; Ahmed Shide, Mustefa Mohammed Omar, Adem Farah, Mohammed Shale, Abdrahman Ahmed, Abdi Adil, Mobasher Dibad, Abdurahim Eit and Mohamed Fatah.

Security situation in the region is improved following leadership changes in the regional state.

A day after celebration of his one year in office, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is in Jijiga which is the capital of the regional state, where Somali Democracy Party Conference is taking place, to take part in the last day of the Congress.

Politicians from neighboring Somalia were also invited to the congress and attended the conference which sounded a bit strange for many Ethiopians.

Despite running the regional state, Somali Democracy Party was not and it not part of the ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), and its status position has been that of “sister organization.”

The ruling party has recently made decision to make “sister organizations” running regional administrations in Afar, Benishangul, Gambella and Somali regions of Ethiopia to be part to the ruling coalition and to form a single party.







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