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The Trip to Afghanistan was a total Flop. The authorities at the airport for the capital of Kabul had been cross-and the Swiss police officers forced asylum seekers, the guardians of the law were supposed to have in his home to get back to him. After this failed Deportation in September 2017, the Switzerland never tried again, a rejected asylum seeker against his will to Afghanistan to deport.

Only a few weeks ago, that changed: “After almost two years of Blockade could be carried out in March 2019 for the first time in a police escorted Return”, the state Secretariat for Migration (SEM) in an internal paper, which is Sunday.

Deportation procedures are hazardous to life

The development was quite to the taste of the new Boss: “thanks to intensive negotiations,” the “forced return to Afghanistan is” again possible, praised Karin Keller-Sutter, most recently, in a speech on the occasion of their first 100 days as a councillor.

Afghanistan is in war with Taliban and Islamic state (IS), is considered to be the country of origin with prekärster security situation. Deportation procedures there are highly controversial – in a different way: life is dangerous.

the note of the foreign Department leaves no doubt: “Of traveling to Afghanistan and from stays of any kind is discouraged.” This week, the Basel Great Council decided, on humanitarian grounds, that a young Afghan may not be to Austria deported – because he would have been passed on from there in his embattled homeland.

First Return to Somalia

The success of the SEM reported: after Somalia, the police Return of an asylum-seeker was in November – for the first Time in years.

Somalia falls into the same category as Afghanistan, in the category of danger to life. “As long as the situation does not improve sustainable local, should avoid Switzerland entirely on returns to Afghanistan and Somalia,” warns Peter Meier of the Swiss refugee aid.

The SEM, however, are: Who will led the return, followed neither personally, nor were international-law, humanitarian or technical obstacles. Whether it is in the Expelled so-called threat – potential terrorists and intensive offender or merely harmless refugees, met with the SEM.

56 percent back

> > suggest the two individual cases, according to the latest asylum statistics in General: We are the deportation-the champion of Europe! “Switzerland is one of the European-level to the most efficient countries at the time of removal to prison,” boasts the SEM in said internal paper. In Numbers: 56 percent of the rejected asylum seekers can be managed back to their country of origin. The EU average is 36 percent.

Switzerland is involved not only in the European return policy, but has also made direct agreements with 64 countries; this year, Ethiopia and Bangladesh, added: “The SEM no state is known, would have concluded more agreements.”

Although Switzerland is proud of its humanitarian Tradition, but no less proud, if you in matters of Deportation creative solutions. For example, Because Morocco does not accept special flights with bound compatriots, transported to Switzerland rejected Moroccans on the ship – “as nearly the only state in Europe”, as the SEM stresses. Or this solution: While the big EU tampers with Nigeria for years, unsuccessfully, to reach an agreement, the small country of Switzerland and since 2011 their ducks in a row. The SEM announced its Deal with Nigeria, “a model” for the national migration policy.

Less than 4000 required to leave the country

According to low, the pending tasks in the execution. Although Algeria, Ethiopia and Eritrea to lead the list of the countries to which deportations will encounter blockages. But less than 4000 people fell by the end of 2018 in the category of rejected asylum seekers to leave refuse or their home country in deportation procedures cross. In 2012, there were almost twice as many. Now there are so few in the last ten years.

For comparison: Germany, reported in the same period, more than 200’000 deportation the people. This week, the Federal government enacted additional laws to allow for faster deportation.

Behind the image of an efficient Swiss Deportation is an inhumane business hide: It is about ruined lives, lost hopes, Fears, despair and Distress. Returns are not flight, but a dirty matter – saliva, blood, and tears included. In the case of special flights will be tied up with application of violence, it comes to violations of asylum-seekers, such as police officers. It is rare to hear of it.

Targeted deterrence


Switzerland was pursuing a law enforcement practice, the goals of deterrence and not forced deportations to countries with precarious security and human rights situation to stop, writes Peter Meier of the refugee assistance: “The Department of justice to the domestic political pressure.”


the SVP, the talks for years, from the asylum chaos is Meant to be. The Dublin System, the rules, which is the state responsible for examining an application for Asylum, responsible, non-functional, so one of the allegations. “Even those that have already been registered in another country, often cannot be sent back”, it says in the position paper of the SVP to the asylum policy.

The SEM sees it differently: “For there is hardly a European country to Dublin to work as well as for Switzerland,” said the internal paper. You will be transferred to significantly more people in Dublin-States, as it is receiving even from there. The latest Figures confirm this: in 1760, asylum seekers were transferred last year to other Dublin States. Only 885 people took in Switzerland.

“there are exceptions even in the case of particularly vulnerable persons,” criticized the refugee assistance; the Dublin practice is extremely restrictive.

The Swiss Immigration system has, apparently, a lot of pages, but most of all it is ruthlessly efficient.

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