Kenya heightened security during Ramadan to thwart Al Shabaab attacks

In a statement, Kneyan Police Spokesman Owino stated that the militant group of Al shabaab has a history of striking during the Ramadhan period and emulating global jihadist groups mode of attack.

He pointed out that security has been beefed up within major cities and near the Kenya Somalia border.

“Following police initiatives and requests from political and religious leaders, security has been intensified in order for mosques to be secure for Muslims to conduct their prayers peacefully and to avert any possible Al Shabaab attacks on churches,” he stated.

He further indicated that more police officers have been deployed for enhanced patrols.

“To justify their violent extremist activities, Al Shabaab and their ilk thrive on mis representing religious texts,” he said.

Members of the public have also been urged to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activities.


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