Somali president says he doesn’t want term extension

The president of Somalia has doused speculations that he’s seeking an extension of his stay in Villa Somalia beyond his mandated 4-year tenure [2017-2020].

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo made the clarification during a speech at the celebration of the 76th anniversary of the birth of Somali Youth League [SYL] in Mogadishu on Wednesday night.

The president’s remark comes amid concerns by political parties who said they’re deeply worried that the Government is plotting a term extension by taking advantage of the aforementioned Elections Bill.

Farmajo added that neither his government nor the leaders of the Federal member States should cling to power against the constitution as the extension of the term hurts credibility and the public trust.

The country is currently facing security challenges and a long-running political standoff between the Federal Government and the Federal Member States.

The leaders failed to yield any meaningful deal after a week-long meeting in Garowe city this month. Jubaland state leader Ahmed Madobe directed blame at Farmaajo administration accusing it of intentionally engineering the collapse of the talks.


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