Somali Businessman gets order to raze old regiment school in Zambia

A Ndola Businessman of Somali origin has obtained an order for the demolition of Old Regiment Community School in Ndola allegedly constructed on his piece of land.

Old Regiment Community School is the first and only one in the township constructed by the community since the settlement was established in 1963.

The school caters for over 500 pupils going up to grade seven in a community with a population of about 5,000 people.

Bwana Mkubwa Constituency member of parliament Dr Jonas Chanda who confirmed the development is shocked that such an undertaking is about to be carried out.

“I have just been informed that there is an eviction order and a demolition order for a certain Ndola businessman of Somali origin to demolish Old Regiment Community School located at Old Regiment Township as he claims the school is built on his land,” Dr Chanda stated.

He said Patriotic Front’s policy talks about upgrading of informal settlements by providing basic services to the people and not demolitions.

Dr Chanda has since urged Ndola City Council to find alternative land for the investor and further appealed to government not to allow such acts meant to incite people to rise up against government.

“I also call on the Ministry of Local Government to legalise Old Regiment and other informal settlements where people have lived for many years so that the poor are not exploited by the urban rich and their cohorts,” added Dr Chanda.




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