Kenya said “4 Al-Shabaab militants blown up while planting explosives in Lamu”

Four Al-Shabaab militants died on the spot on Thursday while trying to plant improvised explosive devices (IEDs) near Boni Forest in Lamu, security officers have confirmed.

Joseph Kanyiri, director of the Linda Boni operation and the Lamu County Commissioner, said the fourth terrorist was severely injured in the explosion and died while escaping.

Three died at the scene of the incident at about 3am near Kwa Omollo Bridge along Bodhai-Bar’goni road.

Mr Kanyiri said, “[The bodies of the three were found at the scene while the fourth one was found in a bush metres away. He had been trying to run away.”

The Commissioner said security forces see determined to ensure peace prevails within the dangerous forest which is found near Kenya-Somalia border.

Early this week, Kenya closed her border with the Horn of Africa nation along Lamu in a move authorities said that is meant to control smuggling of sugar.

“There is no cause for alarm. Citizens should rest assured that we’re determined to ensure peace and stability is restored in Lamu and other places where the operation is ongoing,” he said.

Last week, NIS revealed that at least 40 Al-Shabaab militants had crossed the border in Mandera and we’re planning retaliatory attacks, targeting public transport.

Days earlier, they had suffered casualties at Dawaduba where several weapons were also recovered. The Thursday planting of IEDs we’re targeting security officers patrolling Boni Forest.

Source: Havisa




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