Somalia’s Galmudug leader relocates from state capital after Vilaa Somalia reached a secret deal with Ahlu Sunna

Reports from Galmudug State of Somalia indicate that the state’s president, Ahmed Gelle Haaf, relocated today from his residence in Dusamareb town in central Somalia to the city of Galkayo,following the arrival of Federal Interior Minister Abdi Sabrie. Govt says Haaf’s mandate ends July 4; Haaf disputes this.

Sources close to the state presidency confirmed that the president may resettle in Galkayo town, the capital of the north-central Mudug region of Somalia.

President Haaf has been facing intense pressure from the federal government which has close ties with the Ahlu-Sunnah moderate Islamist group that controls Dusamareb, the capital of Galmudug State.




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