Somalia marks 59 years of independence despite challenges

The president of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo led the nation during the celebrations of the 59th anniversary in Mogadishu.

The flag of Somalia, with its distinct five-point white star on a blue background, was raised at midnight on the hill-top Presidential palace in Mogadishu and in Puntland capital, Garowe to commemorate the Independence Day.

Speaking at the occasion, president Farmajo whose 4-year-term expires next year has where he called for unity among Somalis and promised that his Government would strive to maintain the unity of the Horn of Africa country.

UN envoy congratulatory message The new United Nations [UN] envoy for Somalia, James Swan has congratulated the people and government of Somalia on the 59th anniversary of the country’s independence.

In a statement, Swan said July 1 is a great day for all Somalis at home and abroad despite the many challenges, including insecurity, terrorism and political crisis they continue to face.

The representative said that the UN and international partners are working closely with Somalia to help achieve progress on security, economic development, good governance, inclusivity, and response to humanitarian needs.

July 1 marks the unity day of two Somali regions, former British Somaliland protectorate and southern Somalia under the Italian colony. The merger of the two regions marked the birth of the Republic of Somalia 1st July 1960.

Somalia has endured more than two decades of civil war, political splits, including separatist Somaliland declaring unilateral independence from the southern regions in 1991, a year after the former military regime was ousted.




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