Al-Shabaab holds urgent meeting days after deadly attacks in Somalia

In a bid to streamline it’s operations and internal administration, Al-Shabaab militants held a emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the situation, reports have emerged.

Rocked in internal feuds and succession politics, a much neutralised Al-Shabaab has now shifted focus to Somalia, their motherland.

In the last three weeks, the militants have killed over 50 people inside Somalia, with the attack in Kismayo which had 27 people dead being the worst casualty in recent days.

On Friday, four commanders steered the meeting, which also saw other operatives from several administrative units in territories under Al-Shabaab attending.

“Al-Shabaab leaders reportedly had a rare meeting on Friday in the vicinity of Bulo Falay in Bay region. Leader Abu Ubaidah, Mahad Karate, Ibrahim Ali Aden, Ja’far Dhere and other officials attended the meeting which was discussed on security and reforming Wilayat, per sources,” VOA journalist Harun Maruf said.

The meeting of Al shabaab leaders also come after they claimed the suicide bomb in Mogadishu’s moyer office, 11 killed include officers of the Somali government.


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