Qatar training Somali intelligence officers in Doha

Reliable sources have confirmed to Somalitopnews that the Government of Qatar has begun training Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) forces.

According to the sources, about 14 NISA officers from four different units have been undergoing training for the last two weeks in the Qatari capital, Doha.

The officers undergoing the training, who include one woman, were selected by NISA’s Deputy Director who is also the Acting NISA Director, Fahad Yasin.

One of the officers undergoing the training, who expressed skepticism about the training, spoke to Somalitopnews

“We were booked at Hotel Hyatt Regency. Qatari officials come to visit us and go with some of our colleagues who are returned late at night. The others, including me, are given a training of one to two hours in the morning by retired Western officials. The training given to us is just a general one after which we are free to go,” the officer told Somalitopnews on condition of anonymity.

The Qatari government has in recent years been deeply involved in Somali’s security agencies, especially NISA and the armed forces.

The New York Times has recently published a report which linked the Government of Qatar to bombings in Somalia.

As a result, many Somalis have expressed concern over what they termed Qatar’s suspicious activities in Somalia.



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