Ethiopian officials arrive in Kismayo to overthrow Ahmed Madoobe

Informed sources have told Somalitopnews that Ethiopian intelligence officials arrived in the southern Somali city of Kismayo on Saturday morning (10th August).

About six Ethiopian intelligence officers had flown to Kismayo on Saturday morning.

Reports indicate that the officials are expected to hold meetings with the Jubbaland leaders with the main concern of their visit being the Jubbaland election and to exert pressure on the current state president Ahmed Madobe.

Sources in Kismayo say that the Ethiopian government officials have previously invited Ahmed Madobe to visit Addis Ababa, but he declined and invited them to come to Kismayo instead.

Source told Somalitopnews that Ethiopia wants port of Kismao and the current leader declined their request as he prefers Kenyan, close sources told that Ethoipa planning to role-out Ahmed Madoobe former Somali terroritst.

Jubbaland’s election is at a critical juncture, as the new members of the second parliament of the Jubbaland state were sworn in yesterday, after which the state MPs elected their oldest member as temporary speaker until a new electoral board is elected.

The Federal Government of Somalia, which has close ties with the Ethiopian government, is reportedly interfering in the Jubbaland elections in a similar way to what it did in South West state elections and is trying to figure out an exit strategy for Madobe same as the former South West state president Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan.




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