UN envoy threatens to reject outcome of Jubbaland’s poll

The United Nations envoy to Somalia, James Swan, has urged the Jubbaland electoral commission to comply with the requirements of the international community which have not been implemented.

In a letter sent to the chairman of the state’s election commission, Hamza Abdi Barre, the UN envoy first praised the board for accepting to reopen the registration until 19th August and the short extension of the state’s presidential election to 22 August.

James Swan told Hamza in his letter that the changes that the JIEBC made have not yet met the requirements of the international community to have confidence in the Jubaland electoral process.

“In our August 8th letter, which I sent to you on behalf of Somalia’s international partners, we stressed the importance of a single, agreed, credible and peaceful process which enjoys the support of the people and fosters unity among the communities of Jubbaland,” said James Swan.

The UN representative noted in his statement that if not addressed the procedures requested by the international community would not support the outcome of the Jubbaland election process.

“If the electoral commission does not address the key concerns of stakeholders, there is a risk that the outcome of the electoral process will not enjoy the support necessary to maintain unity and stability in Jubbaland and thereby consolidate Somalia’s state-building,” reads the letter in part.

Jubbaland parliament has yesterday re-elected Abdi Mohamed Abdirahman as the new speaker of the house and also elected his two deputies.

The Jubbaland presidential election is expected to be held on 22 August 2019.





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