Plane’s landing gear fails, lands on belly at Aadan Abdulle  airport

A cargo plane was forced on Wednesday to land on belly after its landing gear failed at Aden Abdulle Airport in Mogadishu, local media reports.

In a one-minute video captured by one of the witnesses, the plane is seen struggling to land, causing panic and anxiety within the busy airport’s vicinity.

For minutes, VOA reporter Harun Maruf said, the runway was temporary closed by the authorities to allow for emergency services at the airport.

But by 17:00 Hrs GMT, reports indicated, normalcy was restored at the airport which is the only one currently operational in Somalia due to political crisis between federal government and Jubaland leadership.

“Services returning to normal at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport after a plane landed on its belly following a landing gear failure. No injuries have been reported, investigation is underway,” reports indicated.

The bizarre incident comes amid ban imposed on aircrafts landing at the Kismayo Airport, which is the second biggest in the Horn of Africa nation.


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