Abdi Illey Arrested, Seven Former Somali Leaders Lose Immunity


(STN-MUQDISHO):_Former President of Ethiopian Somali regional state, Abdi Mohamed Omer,Abdi Illey, has been arrested, according to latest reports. According to previous reports, Abdi Illey has been in custody of the federal government since early this month. It is not disclosed in what manner the former regional state president was taken to Addis Ababa and why his arrest is announced now.

According to the reports, he was arrested at his home located around Atlas Hotel. Prior to formal arrest, it is not known whether he was under house arrest in his home or not.

Abdi Illey has been president of the regional state of Ethiopian Somali since 2005. He was chairman of the Somali People’s Democratic Party (SPDP) when he was detained.

Abdi Illey has had long running conflict with Oromia regional state leaders. His Liyu police mililia repeatedly clashed with Oromia state militias on and off in the last several years causing thousands of people displaced.

The current leaders of Ethiopia have been accusing the former leaders of Somali state of widespread human rights abuses, and corruption at various levels. In a press conference held on August 24, Dr. Abiy Ahmed said opponents were being tortured and held capitives in cages like animals.

It is also disclosed tha tthe Council of Ethiopian Somali regional state stripped immunity of seven of its members, including Abdi Mohamed Omer on suspicion of having links with recent violence in the regional state.


In addition to Abdi Illey, those stripped of immunity onclude, Abdijemal Kelonbi, Head of Justice Bureau, Rahma Mohammed, Head of Women’s and Children’s Bureau, Ibrahim Mehd, Head of Education Bureau, Dek Abdulahi, Deputy Head of Water Resource Development Bureau, Ibrahim Mohammed Mubarek, Mayor of Jigjiga, and Omer Abdi, Political Affairs Head of Ethiopian Somali People Democratic Party (ESPDP).







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