Al shabaab militants capture towns in Somalia over weekend


Militants from the radical Islamist al-Shabaab group seized four towns in Somalia over the weekend, the national Halgan Media portal reported on Monday.

The militants reportedly captured four towns — Warciise, Qoordheere, Wararaxleey and Warmaxan. The latter is considered to be the biggest loss, as it is located not far from the capital of Mogadishu and a US military base. The loss of major transport hubs severely crippled the movement of government forces and allied foreign troops between the districts of Afgooye and Wanlaweyn, the news portal said.

The  insurgents also continued to target foreign troops bases, specifically Kenyan posts, on Monday.

Al-Shabaab is a Somali-based Islamist insurgent group with links to al-Qaeda (a terror group, banned in Russia). The group has long been leading an insurgency against the Somalian federal government, staging numerous attacks in an effort to impose a radical version of Sharia law in the country.




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