AMISOM deploys 15 military officers to enhance security in Somalia


The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) said Thursday it has completed a five-day induction training of 15 military officers who will be deployed in Mogadishu to help beef up security in the city.

Simon Mulongo, deputy head of AMISOM, said the officers from Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, and Zambia will serve in the various AMISOM units, some of which include civil military coordination, training, as well as operations and plans.

“Your job is to assist the force headquarters to coordinate operations and ensure execution of the objectives of the concept of operations (CONOPS),” Mulongo told the officers according to a statement issued by the AU mission.

“Your role is to ensure that your skills and energy contribute to making Force Headquarter successful,” Mulongo said.

The CONOPS, which is the framework for AMISOM’s exit strategy, guides the AU mission’s military activities and operations for the 2018-2021 period.

The document also details AMISOM’s plans and aspirations that will culminate in the scheduled 2021 one-man-one vote elections and consequently the gradual transfer of the security responsibilities from the AU mission to Somali security forces.

Nakibus Lakara, AMISOM’s deputy force commander in charge of operations and plans, said the training would enable the officers to support the delivery of the AMISOM mandate.






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