Bosaaso should take peace as called for by president Deni and build back better


But first foreign fighters who had a hand in the conflict must be scrutinized and held responsible.

SAHAN Research and Halane-based Vates had a role in the violnce that aggrevated it. Both incited violence by their stiring and manipulation of Boosaaso conflict at its initial and middle stages, respectively.

SAHAN, through its Somali Wire that whipped up emotions in their characterization of the conflict actors. Vates, through demeaning one actor  by depicting it as down and defeated, and urging the other continue with its violence and break it. Both SAHAN and Vates, foreign fighters on Somalia, should also reap from the violence that they sowed.

Between us Somalis, we all saw what happned in Boosaaso. It’s not time to apportion blame after the courageous call for stepping back from violence to give peace a chance.

Cowards, criminals and dimwits will term Deni’s recorded video message of non-violent means of resolving the conflict cowardice and defeat. His message was clear, “he made a decision that resulted in conflict situation that Boosaaso is in. Doesn’t think it was wrong. There’s no point crying over a spilled milk. Return to peace. It’s a lesson for Puntland to learn from.”

SAHAN and Vates are not amused that the protagonists didn’t let the violent conflict consume everything they had built in Puntland, of peace and progress. Let foreign fighters disengage from fueling Somalia’s conflict to perpetuate their war-economy.



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