Civil Society Leaders Deny Villa Somalia Statement

Civil Society Leaders Deny Villa Somalia Statement


Leaders of Somali civil society organizations have denied a statement from the Somali Presidential office (Villa Somalia) in which was stated that civil society leaders are preferring one kind of election ,one person ,one vote election to be achieved in Somalia to deliver free and fair elections to the country and people to vote independently for their future leaders.

Civil society organizations have underlined that there is no preference for a particular kind of election at this time, but they want all political stakeholders in the country to agree on a common type of election they could altogether accept with compromise.

Speaking to the media in Mogadishu, Tahalil Shaath, Chairman of SONSA, said that they had a good discussion with the President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, on the upcoming elections in Somalia and shared their views regarding the necescity to avoid anything that could lead to chaos and political vacuum in the country during transitional election periods.

It is true that I told to the Security Council in 2019 about the type of elections that would be appropriate for Somalia, but not much enough has been done to accomplish such kind of election to the country, so as Civil society members we see it is so crucial that all political stakeholders to sit down together and reach a common political solution,” Shaatax said.

Civil society organizations met seperately with all political leaders in the country such as the President, Prime Minister, Speakers of both Houses of Somali Parliaments and Heads of States with the aim of supporting a conducive environment for dialogue between all parties . “As civil society we don’t not support the political view of one party but we always remain impartial as we are a civil society groups who have no political ambitions,” SONSA Chairman said.


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