Deislamization of Puntland-Abortion, FGM, what’s next?


Shame on you Abdulqadir Mohamed Muse, Saredo Mohamed Hassan Jayte and Dr. Yusra Mohamed Yasin for willingly breaking the laws of Puntland and Somalia because the authorities there are weak.

It is utter criminal for an institution or individual to openly call and agitate for abortion rights beyond what the state and federal laws permit. No country will ever condone it and perpetrators will have to contend with the full force of the law.

No infringement can happen to any community from external threats without one of them aiding it. That is what has been happening to Somalis. The likes of Adulqadir Mohamed Muse, Saredo Mohamed Hassan Jayte and Dr. Yusra Mohamed Yasin have acted and continue to act as conduit to negative forces against Somalia in similar ways that the Godanes and other Somali terrorist became the gateway for violent extremism and terrorisms in Somalia.

Abdulqadir, Sareda and Yusra’s report supporting abortion is deliberately deprived of both the subject matter’s cultural and legal context. It was therefore done out of malice, like all other mercenary gigs.

According to both Somali and Islamic cultures, children conceived and/or born outside the culturally sanctioned circumstances –out of wedlock and rape– have a right to life.

As a conservative republican, I hold similar pro-life view. I hate that the organizations and their Somali enablers have taken advantage of the authorities’ weakness to push their agenda (for the organizations) and to eke a living (for the Somali mercenaries).

Puntland has the highest conviction rates for criminals for sexual violence. It deserves praise and not ridicule.  In relativity terms, Puntland’s 75 camels will rank favorably as penalty for sexual violence compared with penalties for violent sexual crimes in countries with better developed rule of law and justice institutions. 75 camels is equivalent to $75,000 investment which can grow at over 25% annual rate of return. Ask people who know something about investments in camels.


Looking at it from this context of worst case scenario, for these so many organizations and people who have collaboratively engaged in fraud of a research to miss that aspect means the authors ate driven by motivations that have to do with malice, financial and liberals’ arrogance of cultural superiority. Good luck with your fundraising bait.

As a conservative republican, I believe that life begins at conception. That all lives matter. And therefore, I am against abortion. The circumstances under which abortion can be permitted is very clear under Somalia laws. This report and the organizations behind it is deeply troubling and extremely dangerous to the extent of its contravening the humanitarian principles of do no harm.

Conservative argument aside, the overwhelming majority of countries in the world have thriving anti-abortion laws. As a supporter of Israeli laws in majority of the times, Israel has strict preconditions to abortion. Abortion is banned in most Latin American countries and is only permissible under strict and limited circumstances – largely about the life of the mother—in the remainder of the countries.

ABORTION is illegal in world power Germany and violations attract severe penalties. Africa, the Caribbean, Mid and Southeast Asia are all strictly pro-life and anti-abortion.

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya must have done himself, his status (as president and commander-in-chief, and therefore, the defender of the constitution, the cultures and faiths of every Kenyan), the African continent, the whole world and most importantly his Ngai proud for standing up to neo-liberal bullies, as epitomized by American democrats, in the most respectful and wise manner when President Obama ambushed him live on a national and international multimedia platform about a certain taboo subject in Africa.

President Uhuru said, with much respect as the host to president Obama, that Kenya has other pressing priorities that it’s dealing with.

President Kenyatta’s classically witty response should be adopted as default response to all this type of liberal agenda-driven issues out of touch with realities on the ground.

Somalis hate minority status. They are not a minority in poverty. Never a minority in violent extremism. Not a minority as a state with weak to non-existent rule of law. And of course not a minority as a country that bans abortion, save for under a single strict circumstance.

Their organizations and the people affiliated with it were able to produce such a report that goes against the cultures, laws and the constitutions of all the states and federal constitutions in Somalia with blatant disregard because of finding weakness in the authorities that were supposed to protect these constitutions.

They are just being opportunistic to run amok with their experimentations to arrogate themselves upon and demean other people’s cultures and laws.

They got to count their curses because Puntland and Somalia are weak to put them to account for their gross infringements of the cultures and laws of the land. One is actually regarded a criminal in all the countries if they break the domestic laws of another country and there is a proof for that. Sareeda Jayte et al’s report will stand against themselves as a permanent incontrovertible evidence.

Abortion is illegal in Somalia for a reason and it shall remain so.

As for the likes of mercenaries Dr. Yusra, Sareeda and Abdulqadir, just like we tell terrorists Ibrahim Afghani and Sheikh Ali Dheere, we tell them please look for legally permissible livelihood as this one stinks of mercenary blood. They already start life from a vantage point if they can write such a technically average report. But I can swear in my conservativeness that it was never written by any of them. Not even a comma.

Unfortunately for Dr. Yusra et al, they are just its conduit. Its launderers. Its Somali face. And that is the saddest bit. They are victims trice. The worst of the three being exchanging their culture and faith for a few worldly favors. What a poisoned chalice to trade in for one’s culture and faith.





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