Ethiopia conducts air strikes in Somalia’s Bakool region

Somalia Fears New US Airstrike Guidance Is Benefiting Al-Shabab
Somalia Fears New US Airstrike Guidance Is Benefiting Al-Shabab

Warplanes believed to belong to the Ethiopian government on Saturday bombarded militants-held Garasweyne, which is about 45 kilometres north of Hudur district in Bakool region.

According to multiple sources, a mother was critically injured following Ethiopian fighter jet airstrikes in the Bakool region of Southwest state.

The Al Qaeda-linked group Al Shabab claimed the attacking Aato town in a brief statement, saying it had overrun the base and killed over 100 Ethiopian police.

Friday’s strike was the latest in the area by the Somalia-based militant group in a matter of weeks, raising concerns about the stability of the border region.

The state President of Southwest Abdiaziz Laftagaren is yet to address the recent skirmishes flared along the Ethiopia-Somalia border.

Al Shabab has been waging insurrection against Somalia’s fragile federal government for 15 years and remains a potent force despite an African Union operation against the group.

Its militants have been ousted from Somalia’s main urban areas, including the capital Mogadishu in 2011, but continue to wage attacks on military, government and civilian targets.



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