Ethiopia says it has arrested 14 Al-Shabab, ISIS terrorists

Ethiopia says it has arrested 14 Al-Shabab, ISIS terrorists
Ethiopia says it has arrested 14 Al-Shabab, ISIS terrorists

Ethiopia on Saturday said that it arrested 14 Al-Shabaab and ISIS terrorists who were on a mission to attack targets in the capital Addis Ababa and other parts of the country.

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) coordinated with other security agencies in the country and had been closely following the moves of the suspected terrorists.

NISS said the suspects have recruited members, planned terror attacks including identifying targets and deployed terrorists in different parts of the country to implement the terror attacks. [… ]

Abdul Abdi Jemal (also known as Abdulkadir) is identified as the leader in the planned attack and entered Ethiopia from Somalia. He was said to be in direct communication with Jafar (Gure) – one of the senior Al-Shabaab leaders in Somalia, as reported by FC. Abdul Adi Jemal was operating in Addis Ababa after receiving a mission for Al-Shabab leaders in Somalia.

A report by FBC indicated that NISS got information early about the Al-Shabab man on a mission to inflict terror attack on Ethiopia and had been monitoring him and his network.

Abdurahman Aden, Abubekr, Mjktar Gab Gossa, Gamad Diriye, Sheik Ahmed Nur Mohammed Osman, Kussow Aden Hussien, Mohammed Hassen Adene and Omar Rediwan were in his network and the are arrested along with Abdul Abdi Jemal.

Regarding ISIS’s planned attack, NISS arrested Aman Assefa Gedimwork who organized terror cells with a plan to launch an attack. He is reported to be a long-time member of ISIS and was recruiting and organizing individuals for terror attacks in the country. NISS also said that Aman used three other names. Fuad Shifa Kedir, Abdul Jabbar Abdela Ibrahim, Seid Mustafa Ibrahim, Mesud Sajibo, Gebeyehu Tefera, and Belay Teshome were recruited to work with him for the planned terror attack on Ethiopia and they were arrested.

Ethiopian Intelligence reported similar attempts from ISIS and Alshabab in the past claimed that the plans were foiled.

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