FESOJ Concludes COVID-19 Somali Media Coverage Monitoring

FESOJ Concludes COVID-19 Somali Media Coverage Monitoring
FESOJ Concludes COVID-19 Somali Media Coverage Monitoring

The Federation of Somali Journalists (FESOJ) has finalized a month-long effort to monitor and analyze local media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic in Somalia.

By the end of this month, FESOJ plans to publish the first report highlighting firsthand findings and analysis of COVID-19 media coverage by local outlets.

The data collection for this exercise engaged more than a dozen FESOJ trained local journalists based in various regions across South and Central Somalia to monitor Coronavirus related news, programming and output of 14 major media outlets in the country.

Since the first case was confirmed in Somalia in mid-March 2020, media outlets in the country has provided unseen levels of coverage on the virus – with a constant stream of topics and news items ranging from the official daily case updates, news of deaths, shutdown & curfew measures, to awareness and education messages.

“Our analysis seeks to break through the noise in order to understand media coverage trends and also to help bring out the bigger picture and lessons from our reporting of this unprecedented crisis” says Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, FESOJ Secretary General, at a meeting to wrap up the data collection phase.

FESOJ wishes to thank staff, partners and Free Press Unlimited for its generous support towards this important service to track, analyze and report on media coverage of the Coronavirus pandemic.

To enhance the quality of Somali journalists covering COVID-19, FESOJ is conducting virtual training on 4th of June in which senior media experts will be facilitating. More than 50 journalists from different parts of Somalia have so far confirmed will attend.



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