PM Roble axes controversial NISA boss over death of Ikran

Deg Deg: Fahad Yaasiin oo dil ugu hanjabay Taliye Saneey
Deg Deg: Fahad Yaasiin oo dil ugu hanjabay Taliye Saneey

Prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has suspended the controversial chief of Somalia’s intelligence and Security agency (NISA), Fahad Yasin hours after the PM held meeting with late Ikran Tahlil Farah who worked with the spy agency.

In a statement, Roble relieved Yasin of his job, replacing him with Bashir Mohamed Gobe as the interim Director General of the National Security and Intelligence Agency (NISA). Gobe previously served as the country’s police chief.

The PM also directed the country’s military court prosecution to launch investigation into the death Ms. Farah who abducted June 26 near her home in Mogadishu’s Abdulaziz district, which is close to the agency’s headquarters.

Her disappearance raised a storm with her family constantly asking the government to explain her disappearance or produce her. Politicians also picked up the issue and made it a campaign subject.

News of her disappearance circulated widely on mainstream and social media.

Late last week, the spy agency blamed al-Shabaab the murder of Ms. Farah saying the agent was handed over to al-Shabaab by her kidnappers before the militant group killed her.

“NISA has been investigating the case of Ms Tahlil and came to know that she had ended up in the hands of the merciless group that later killed her,” the spy agency said.

Prompting sharp rejoinder by Prime minister Roble who asked the leadership of NISA to submit a comprehensive report on the murder of female spy agent within 48 hours.


On Sunday, Fahad in letter addressed to the PM, demanding convening National Security Council, for him to divulge information surrounding the murder of a female spy agent.

Yasin, who is reportedly in Turkey said the matter touching on the death of Ikran Tahlil Farah required the attention of the Security Council.

“The National Security and Intelligence Service has made a formal request to the President of the Federal Government of Somalia to allow us to convene a meeting of the National Security Council, as chairman of the Security Council. National, and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces,” the letter read in part.



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