Rashid Abdi, stop fooling yourself!


It’s great if you did, as you say, for the “ordinary people of Tigray.” But they say where there is smoke there is fire, though not necessarily so in this digital era.

What makes your humanitarian claim spurious and dishonest is that you have been consulting for TPLF against Somalia when TPLF was the government, the oppressor, long before Abiy and when Abiy himself worked for the TPLF repressive regime.

The question is, why are you so altruistic? Who sponsors your “analyst” work? And why would you be paid for “analysis” or for ” analysing” other people? Why are you doing somebody else’s dirty job, for pay? And should you be telling the rest of us what you don’t do when you don’t tell us what you do? You don’t work for a humanitarian agency. You don’t even declare who you work for. The kind of things you do are so dirty that that all you have to say to say to us your job is, “analyst” and “stabilization.”

But the biggest of all questions, which questions your your good will claim with the good people of Tigray, is, why didn’t you do the same for “the ordinary people of Somalia” when TPLF was committing similar atrocities against them since the 1990s, and between 2006 and 2008 in particular?

Eigh, eeeigh, Rashid Abdi, Timir laf baa ku jirto. Farbaa weligeed kugu godnayd! Wallee ha filin falaadh inay gilgilasho kaaga hadho! Xisaabna horay ayay jirtaa.

Your tweet ought to have read in part, “6 months ago I and a few other MERCENARIES decided to LIE to OURSELVES to tell the truth about Tigray.”……..

Rashid Abdi (@RAbdiAnalyst) Tweeted:
6 months ago I and a few others decided to tell the truth about Tigray. We were called TPLF agents, keyboard warriors, charlatans, liars, etc

We did that not because we were superior or born honest but we trusted the ordinary people of Tigray.

Tigrayans are honest, straight.


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