Senior Al-Shabaab commanders killed in Somalia

Deg Deg: Dagaal xoogan oo ciidanka dowladda iyo kuwa Jubbaland ku dhexmaraya Balad-Xaawo

On Monday morning, the Somali armed forces, with the help of the Southwest regional army killed two commanders from Al-Shabaab following an operation.

The joint troops carried out the assault in the village called Dhursheen, which is about 35 km from the Huddur district, the capital of the Bakool region.

The State Media, citing a local official, said that Ahmed Moorogabey and Ali Garweyne, who were among the commanders of Al-Shabaab, were killed in the operation.

The two leaders were in charge of collecting extortion money for Al-Shabaab. Their death deals a blow to the group which is currently facing an all-out offensive in central regions.

Bakool region under Southwest State has been subject to the Al-Shabaab blockade for almost 10 years which prompted a humanitarian crisis as aid agencies have no access to the roads.



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