Somali army kills 10 Al-Shabab terrorists in southern region


Somali National Army (SNA) said its elite forces, Danab, on Friday killed ten Al-Shabab terrorists in sting military operations conducted in Kismayo, the southern part of the country.

SNA commander of the 16th Danab Unit in the region, Arab Dheg Ahmed, who led the operation told Radio Mogadishu that the Al-Shabab commander was also arrested during operations conducted near Yaq-Halul village, about 55 km from Kismayo.

“Two AK-47 rifles and one PKM rifle were recovered from the terrorists,” Ahmed said.

He said the Danab commandos, aware of the group’s atrocities in the area, responded strongly to flush out the terrorists who have been staging attacks in the Lower Juba region.

The SNA which has intensified security operations across the country since early this year has vowed to sustain the onslaught against the militant group until their fighters are subdued.

However, the Al-Shabab terror group which still controls some parts of rural southern and central Somalia continues to carry out high-profile attacks in Mogadishu and elsewhere.

Source: (ANI/Xinhua)




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