Somali government forces captured several villages in Hiiraan region


Somali government forces captured several small villages in the Mataban and Mahaas districts of the Hiiraan region on Monday following security operations in the last two days.

Governor of the Hiiraan region, Ali Jeyte Osman, led the forces that took over Bukure, Lassaban, Oomad, Bagda, Qabno and other small villages.

Ethiopian government warplanes reportedly targeted Al Shabaab bases in Qabno and Burta Surtaag areas in Mataban district on Sunday before the Somali forces reached that location.

Officials of the 27th division of the national armed forces said that the army would continue operations against Al-Shabaab.

Al-Shabaab fighters reportedly razed seven small villages in Mahaas district in Hiiraan on Monday afternoon and destroyed wells.

The governor of the Hiiraan region, Ali Jeyte, has been in between the districts of Mahaas, Mataban and Beledweyne for the past two months, where regional security are conducting operations against Al-Shabaab.



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