Somali parliament fails second time to hold session due to lack of Quorum


The second sitting of the 5th session of Somali Lower House of People has been postponed again on Monday.

The office of the speaker informed the members who were scheduled to avail themselves for the crucial meeting on Sunday evening that the session was cancelled due to lack of quorum as a requirement for parliamentary standing orders.

The parliamentary constitutional committee was planned to present the chamber on the progress made on the draft constitution.

The first sitting of the 5th session which was about to take place on Saturday last week was similarly delayed for lack of quorum.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo opened the session on Wednesday last week.

Members of parliament from mainly the opposition party have vowed to boycott upcoming sessions if agendas of the house will not prioritize security lapse in the country.

Somali citizens have criticized the legislators online accusing them of lack of vision.





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