Somalia’s Al Shabaab says 2 colonels killed in explosion near Mogadishu


Somali armed group Al Shabaab has claimed to have killed two army colonels in explosion on Tuesday, a day after suicide car bomb left 11 people dead in the capital of Mogadishu.

The explosion hit a military which the two colonels were traveling through Dhanane area near Mogadishu, a military officer said on condition of anonymity.

He says the explosion killed deputy commander of 12th April Division, Abdisalam Sheikh Aden and Colonel Abdirahman Jimale Muse, in charge of the finances of the 1st battalion of Somali army forces last year.

He said Sheikh Aden was killed exactly two months after his predecessor Gen Abdi Ali Jamame was killed in the same area by al Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab bomb explosion.

Tuesday’s explosion was claimed by Al Shabaab.

The group says it has been responsible for the bomb attack.

“We have carried out an attack which killed two senior military officials near Mogadishu. The attack happened according to plan”, the group said.

Somali military remained unavailable for comments on Tuesday’s bomb explosion.

The al Qaeda linked group has been fighting more than ten years to topple the Internationally backed government of Somalia.


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