Somalia’s opposition demands dismissal of NISA leadership over muder of female agent

Midowga Musharaxiinta oo Jimcaha qabanaya Banaabax weyn oo looga soo horjeedo Farmaajo
Midowga Musharaxiinta oo Jimcaha qabanaya Banaabax weyn oo looga soo horjeedo Farmaajo

Somalia’s opposition leaders have demanded the removal of the leadership of the Country’s Intelligence Agency hours after the agency accused al-Shabaab militants of allegedly killing a female spy agent.

24-year-old Ikran Tahlil Farah was kidnapped June 26 near her home in Mogadishu’s Abdulaziz district, which is close to the agency’s headquarters.

Her disappearance raised a storm with her family constantly asking the government to explain her disappearance or produce her. Politicians also picked up the issue and made it a campaign subject.

On Thursday, NISA blamed al-Shabaab the murder of Ms. Farah saying the agent was handed over to al-Shabaab by her kidnappers before the militant group killed her.

“NISA has been investigating the case of Ms Ikam Tahlil Farah and came to know that she had ended up in the hands of the merciless group that later killed her,” the spy agency said.

The agency did not release details about when or where it believed Ikran was killed.

In a statement, Council of Presidential Candidates (CPA) who condemned the murder of Ms. Farah had accused NISA of being behind political assassinations and involvement of clandestine transportation of Somali national army (SNA) recruits to Eretria who later allegedly took part in Tigray conflict.

In a statement published Friday on pro-al-Shabab websites, a spokesman for the group said it knows nothing about the alleged killing.

‘”We do not know anything about the killing of Ikran Tahlil who works for NISA,” Al-Shabaab’s statement reads in part.



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