Somali’s opposition politicians meet in Nairobi to kick out the current government


Over 100 Somalia opposition politicians have embarked on a retreat in the Kenyan capital Nairobi in what is said to be s strategy to a bid to block president farmajo from extending term in office.

The leaders who gathered at the Pan Africa Hotel said that they would make sure the government of President Farmajo did not extend its term in office.

The said they would be seeking the support of the international community to push out the current administration, once its term is over.

The country is supposed to go to elections in two years time but there had been fears that the current administration would be seeking an extension, citing the inability of the country to undergo a peaceful election period.

The current government has also been on the spotlight for failing to curb insecurity, which has deteriorated in the recent past, with Al-Shabab killing and maiming freely even in the capital Mogadishu.





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