Strong winds alert issued in Somalia coastal towns


Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster management of the Federal Republic of Somalia has issued a warning of high strong winds moving towards coastal regions of Somalia,

Some of the counties to be affected include the towns of Kismayo,,Marka, Barawe and other coastal villages in the country.

Residents of Kismayo, Barawe and Marka have also been urged to be on the lookout.
“Continue listening to local media as updates will be provided if conditions change significantly. Further advisories will be issued as we follow upon the progress of this weather event,” Minstry said .

Most regions of southern Somalia are currently experiencing heavy downpours, including the Somali capital Mogadishu, and the heavy rains have caused severe damage, especially to the displaced people living in make shift houses. At least four children died on 11 July after their houses demolished following several hours of heavy rains in Mogadishu.

Several roads in Mogadishu have been destroyed due to the rains, and doctors warn that poor sanitation can lead to waterborne diseases.


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