US lauds public uprising against Al-Shabaab in Somalia


A US diplomat has welcomed the public uprising against the Al-Shabaab which is gaining momentum in Somalia after a large ground was recaptured within two months.

The US ambassador to Somalia, Larry Andre, said that Washington supports the united front and cooperation between the government of Somalia and tribal militia to face the Al-Qaeda-linked group.

The ambassador urged the Somali tribes to unite to eradicate the terrorist group that plagued Somalia into endless crises, including a blockade on government-controlled areas and humanitarian aid.

Adre added that the ongoing joint operations by local people with their government against Al-Shabaab will test the strength of the country and paves the way for self-reliance in terms of security.

The community should put their rivalries aside and say that we all have one interest and a common enemy which is Al-Shabaab and we should face it together,” he continued.

The ambassador’s remarks come as Somali troops along with the residents regained control of strategic locations in central regions, mainly Hiran, where most of the fighting is taking place.

The US is a key partner for Somalia in the war on Al-Shabaab. Biden ordered to redeploy of American troops to fight the terrorist group in May, reversing a move made by Trump in early 2021.



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