Wondering with those who wonder at Rashid Abdi’s Rented Stand on Tigray Conflict


Of course Rashid Abdi is the face of anarchist industrial complex. He’s a sub-sub-sub-contractor in the food chain. Getting the equivalence of breadcrumbs in the larger scheme to destabilize the Horn of Africa Region. A petty and pitiable hireling.

Remember his official TOR at SAHAN Global? In charge of social media platforms. For what? What else? To push propaganda to maim, kill, cause humanitarian crisis and ultimately cause total or partial state failures.

In Rashd Abdi’s kind of business, there is never friendship or interest, temporary or permanent. He’s both a vulture who kills as a predator or eats off carcasses as a scavenger.

His contractors use people like Rashid to support their engineered state failures so that they can eat off of failed state, ostensibly as analysts and consultants, to run and thrive non-state espionage networks.

It’s time IGAD/HOA states take Rashid and his cohorts for the threat they pose to them as individual states and collectively as a region.

And now the logic on the tragic aftermath of TPLF political and security maneuvers that caused (for Abiy hardliners) or triggered (for Abiy apologists) or that Abiy scapegoated (for TPLF and friends): how about if you prematurely quit on an opponent during card games gambling after winning several rounds and then you blame the opponent for calling the bouncers on you only for you to challenge them with violence when they show up? That’s what TPLF did with Abiy.

Even though who is to blame for Ethiopia’s conflict epicenter in Tigray region becomes a chicken and egg argument, TPLF quit the game after its ruthless 19-year rule when came the turn for the rest of Ethiopia.

It’s natural, though not necessarily defensible, to expect ruthless, disproportionate reaction from any government when part of it engages in acts of dismemberment in its territories. What is it that prosperity is doing to TPLF that TPLF didn’t do to OLF  or ONLF and their constituent communities? Welcome to it comes with the territory!

It took lucky ones, like Eritrea and South Sudan, over too decades of more bloodier armed conflict than we have witnessed in Tigray. Taking forever wars in some parts of the world.

Yet, there are examples like Somaliland who’s struggle for independence against a brutal step-mother ended with the death of the mother only to blunge into internal strife among orphaned siblings after for it to gain self-declared independence and start reconstruction as a de facto government in limbo for ages without end.

None of those that lived to witness the independence that they fought and suffered for or against questioned the atrocities that the other side committed. It was all a fair game! Sadly! This is in addition to the fact that they reaped further bitter fruits with independent which made any sacrifices they made futile.

TPLF stands [red-hot] coal’s chance in paradise to lead Tigray to independence against Ethiopia. At least not under the current spate of violence. All projections point to TPLF abdicating to settle for same or worse terms than they triggered the conflict to improve.

Those that put the burden of responsibility of the end the active carnage in Tigray and contiguous zones support two extreme opposite views. One party holds either TPLF marches to Addis or Ethiopia (Abiy) should put an end to the carnage by conceding to TPLF. While the other party holds that Ethiopia (Abiy) should capitulate TPLF to end the conflict.

However, there is a middle-ground solution to the conflict that can be categorized into two. The hardline of the two is that it would take TPLF to concede and lay down its armed opposition against Abiy’s government than resolve the conflict in either of the two extremist solutions mentioned earlier. The most moderate solution to the conflict is for the two parties to agree between themselves or through a third-party mediation to end the conflict in agreement to revert to pre-conflict political and security situation. Burry the hatchet and move on without regard to the loses already suffered.

But for those egotistical or rented minds respectively thinking of the stigma of defeat or loss of service fee, they have no qualms throwing good lives after bad lives. For them, even though their is no way of guaranteeing it, their desired end justifies the means. Leaving us wonder with those wondering at Rashid’s Rented position on the conflict in Tigray.

By: MM


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